Exclusive Offer for Eupraxia Members!

Greetings, everyone! I'm Taylor Henry, the proud owner and farmer at Henry Pastures. Today, I'm thrilled to present a special offer exclusively available to Eupraxia Members. Please keep this deal confidential and refrain from sharing it with others. As a community filled with health-conscious individuals who appreciate the benefits of consuming meat, I want to express my gratitude to Steve Czys for being an influential figure in my journey towards becoming a regenerative farmer.

In a different chapter of my life, Steve and I collaborated closely and shared a deep passion for hunting and land management. Through Steve, I was introduced to Mark Shepard, the renowned author of "Restoration Agriculture," and that relationship has changed my life forever. If you're interested, you can find more details about my transformation in our About Us section. In short, my existence now revolves around restorative land management and the production of what I believe to be the purest protein we can create—superior even to venison!

I encourage you to take your time exploring our story, familiarizing yourself with our practices, and discovering why the regenerative food movement holds the key to addressing numerous challenges we face today. However, before you delve into all that information, allow me to provide an overview of the enticing deals we have in store for you.

The Eupraxia Special: 

Discount Code: Eupraxia10 

Get 10% Off Purchase Of Any Bulk Beef Item: Bulk Beef
Get 10% Off Purchase Ground Beef Bundles: 12lb, 25lb, 40lb & 100lb
Get 10% Off Purchase Bulk Pork:  Bulk Pork


Alright, copy and past that code and follow me over to the pages about our meat! When you make a reservation your discount will carry over to your final bill! If you have any issues or questions at all reach out to me and make sure to let me know Steve Sent you and we can take extra good care of you!

Time for the meat!!

Bulk Grass Fed / Finished Beef -> Link to Beef

Bulk Pasture Raised Pork -> Link to Pork

P.S. - This is first come first serve, we already have animals being claimed left and right so act fast to claim your bulk order!