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Every purchase of meat from our website brings us closer to achieving holistic management.

Hello! I'm Taylor Henry, the Owner/Farmer of Henry Pastures (formerly known as Sidie Hollow Farms), and the "mastermind" behind this exciting endeavor.

As a child, my earliest career aspiration was to become a farmer. However, discouraging remarks like "You can't do that" and "Farmers can't make money" caused me to put that dream on hold.

I followed the conventional path of life, pursuing higher education, specialized career training, and entering a profession. At 21, I found myself working as a police officer, gazing at my older colleagues and wondering, "Is this it? Will I spend the next 30 years like this?"

That's when the anxiety struck...

I decided to take a different path and embarked on my own educational journey. After four years in law enforcement, I immersed myself in the business world. I teamed up with my college best friend and assumed a partner role in his Digital Marketing agency, while also starting an Outdoors Company called 1080 Outdoors.

For two years, I delved into the intricacies of the internet, business operations, and marketing in general. It was an invaluable stepping stone that allowed me to observe and learn various strategies for success.

As our ventures gained traction, an opportunity finally arose to purchase my own land—an aspiration I had nurtured since the day I declared, "I want to be a farmer." Initially, my focus had shifted toward acquiring recreational land for hunting, and I hadn't revisited my original farming dreams.

One day, my mom and I were surveying available parcels of land when we stumbled upon an old, dilapidated farmstead just two miles away from where I grew up. I had passed by it countless times without giving it much thought. However, this time it caught my attention with its breathtaking views of the driftless region (which I may be a bit biased about).

I was determined not to let this opportunity slip away. I presented the plan to my parents and childhood best friend, and we formed a partnership. We closed the deal on Sidie Hollow Farm on the same day the pandemic struck, making the process far from smooth. But that's a story for another time.

In the end, we acquired 60 acres of land, two farmhouses, numerous outbuildings, and an Amish cabin. The farm is conveniently located near Sidie Hollow, a local county park and lake, hence our decision to name it "Sidie Hollow Farm."

My mother and wife transformed the Amish cabin and a small cottage into exceptional Airbnb experiences, earning praise as outstanding hosts. We now offer tours and provide guests with a taste of what a Regenerative Farm has to offer.

Now, let's get back to farming...

As the deal approached its final stages, I felt a deep sense of responsibility. I wanted to not only preserve and enhance our property but also incorporate my past experiences. I firmly believe that we can help local farmers increase their profitability while improving their resources.

Once again, I embarked on my own version of education, delving into more than 75 books. Through this extensive reading, two books in particular had a profound impact on me: Mark Shepard's "Restoration Agriculture" and Gabe Brown's "Dirt to Soil." These works guided me towards adopting a regenerative agriculture model.

The website you're currently on serves as a platform for us to directly sell our products to customers. We offer pasture-raised beef, pigs, eggs, and whole chickens. Our aim is to maintain the most natural approach possible, avoiding shots, tillage, spraying, or any destructive agricultural methods on the farms we manage.

After successfully managing our initial farm for a few years, my passion for farming grew, and I desired more land and animals. This led to the rebranding of our operation as "Henry Pastures." Currently, we manage over 200 acres spread across three farms, with ample room for further expansion. It has been a privilege to focus solely on regenerative agriculture and land stewardship throughout this journey.

When I'm not busy tending to our cattle, I also assist individuals with dreams and aspirations similar to mine in buying and selling land. It has been an incredibly rewarding endeavor, selling over 1,000 acres with the shared goal of promoting regenerative management practices. For More Info On My Real Estate

Our ultimate hope and dream are to establish breathtaking, holistically managed farms that can provide nutrient-rich food for our loved ones for generations to come. We maintain an unwavering optimistic outlook for the future, believing in the power of sustainable agriculture.

Thank you for discovering us, and we invite you to subscribe to our email list to stay updated on our exciting adventures. Your meat purchases from our website will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on local agriculture in this area, benefiting future generations.

Warm regards,

Taylor Henry & The Entire Henry Pastures Team