We free range all of our egg layers and Give fresh grass daily to our Meat Birds. These birds are raised with love, compassion and with their health and comfort in mind. Our chickens live a wonderful life with only one bad day :)

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How Do We Farm?


Welcome to Henry Pastures, where we prioritize sustainable farming practices that promote healthy soil and happy animals. Here are our five Soil Health Laws that we follow to maintain healthy soil and help combat global warming:

  1. Limit Disturbance: We avoid tilling, which tears apart the soil structure and disrupts the delicate balance of soil life. Instead, we use a state-of-the-art paddock design that limits disturbance and allows our animals to move freely while promoting rest and recovery of the soil.
  2. Armor the Soil: We protect our soil from erosion by keeping it covered with vegetation or organic materials, such as cover crops, crop residues, or animal manure. This helps retain moisture, reduce soil temperature, and enhance nutrient cycling.
  3. Promote Diversity: We believe that diversity is key to a healthy ecosystem, so we promote diversity in our cropping system and avoid monoculture. This enhances the function of our ecosystem and improves soil structure and fertility.
  4. Maintain Living Roots in the Soil: We ensure that our soil is always covered with living plants, including fall-seeded biennials, which feed the soil biology and provide carbon, the basic food source for soil organisms. This helps maintain soil health and fertility.
  5. Integrate Animals: We integrate our animals into our farming practices, recognizing that nature does not work without animals. Our animals graze on plants, stimulating them to pump more carbon into the soil by cycling more carbon out of the atmosphere and putting it into the soil. This helps sequester carbon from the atmosphere and move us in the right direction for combating global warming.

At Henry Pastures, we are proud to be soil farmers, committed to following our Soil Health Laws to promote healthy soil and help combat global warming while producing high-quality beef that is both delicious and environmentally sustainable.